About Me

Education: I am currently in the Applied Physics M.S. program at Johns Hopkins University. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2019 with a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Physics.

Research Interests: I am interested in magnetospheric physics, planetary geophysics, and mathematical physics.

Publications: Google Scholar


Lunar Swirls
I worked with Dr. Dhananjay Ravat at the University of Kentucky, using magnetometer data from Lunar Prospector to produce high resolution maps of the lunar swirl named Reiner Gamma (seen above). I created models of the crustal magnetic anomaly associated with this lunar swirl in an attempt to constrain the subsurface geometry of the source, which would have implications for the formation of the anomaly. I presented on this research at many conferences, all of which are listed in my CV.

Global Lunar Magnetics Map
While working on the lunar swirls project, I contributed to the refinement of Lunar Prospector data to produce a high resolution global map of magnetic anomalies on the lunar surface. I also worked on combining LP data with magnetometer data from the Kaguya spacecraft, which was ultimately unsuccessful due to imprecise orbital location data.

Global Martian Magnetics Map
Also during my time with Dr. Ravat, I was heavily involved in the processing of MAVEN magnetometer data to produce a global map of the Martian magnetosphere. I wrote several pieces of code that have since been used and adapted by other students of Dr. Ravat to refine and combine monthly downlinks of MAVEN data.


Teaching: I worked in the University of Kentucky Math Lab during my junior and senior year, assisting with introductory math courses to develop and implement mathematical visualization aids. We 3D printed models and puzzles, created models using video games such as Minecraft, and even produced two large-scale sewing projects. Our mathematical theorem quilts were presented at the 2020 Joint Mathematics Meeting.

Policy: I have partnered with the American Physical Society to engage with local and regional policymakers, advocating on a variety of science policy issues. In 2020, I was recognized for my work with the APS 5 Sigma Physicist award.

Outreach: I volunteer as a NASA Solar System Ambassador to educate children and adults about NASA's past, present, and future work. I have hosted over 2 dozen public lectures at observatories (like the MacAdam Student Observatory above), libraries, schools, coffee shops, bars, and other community organizations throughout Kentucky.

Equity & Inclusion: I am a Pod Coordinator for 500 Women Scientists and have been deeply involved with APS in an effort to improve the culture of physics. I was the undergraduate chapter representative for the Univeristy of Kentucky Association for Women in Mathematics during my senior year.